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Begin with Grace. 💕

Let’s normalize that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed because LIFE IS OVERWHELMING. To change emotion, you have to allow yourself to feel it. We are whole humans, complex and layered. “You can want change and be doing the best you can, AND still need to do better, try harder, and be more motivated to change.” Two things that seem like opposites can both be true.

You aren't making this up...New Marriage. New Job. New House. New Baby. Empty Nest. Retirement Adjustment. Full Time Homemaker/Parent. Caring for Aging Parents. Divorce. Stress at work. New Move. Infertility. Adoption. Physical Illness. Death. Supporting a Team. Supporting a Leader. Managing Personalities. Paying Bills. Balancing Career. Fighting for Social Change. Leading an Org. Creating Community. Racism. Sexism. Classism. All the “Isms.” Microaggressions. Implicit Bias. Explicit Bias. Staying Connected to Friends. Prioritizing Family Commitments. Healing Trauma. Laundry. Grocery Shopping. Lawncare. Home Maintenance. Prioritizing Spiritual Practices. Doctors Appt. Dental Appt. Maintain an Exercise Regimen. Parent Teacher Conferences. Demanding Boss. Difficult Co-Worker. New Project. Parent Pick-Up. Kids Extracurricular Activities. Planning for the Holiday. Hobbies. Side Projects. Social Life. SLEEP…and the list goes on and on.


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